Manchester Shoulder Surgeon

Matt Ravenscroft is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises entirely in Shoulder and Elbow disorders and Upper Limb trauma.

His areas of expertise are arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and elbow, upper limb joint replacement surgery and sports injuries to the upper limb. Matt is also experienced in shoulder ultrasound examinations which can help lead to a quicker diagnosis and treatment.

This website has been set up to try and steer you through the various shoulder and elbow conditions.  In order to get to any diagnosis the most important thing is to maintain the history and examine the patient.

In the section headed Shoulder Problems we have started off with four main problems associated with the shoulder these are: 

The Painful Shoulder

The Stiff Shoulder

The Weak Shoulder

The Arthritic Shoulder 

Your shoulder problem should fall into one of the above four categories, this will lead you onto hopefully a diagnosis and then onto a potential treatment.

In the section headed Elbow Problems these are listed under specific diagnoses and in the relevant sections you will see how this diagnosis has been made and then what treatment is available. 

There is also a patient information section which has a narrative version of the major shoulder and elbow conditions and treatments.

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