Preparing for your stay in hospital

In preparation for coming into hospital, there are a few points to note:

1: Whether you need to fast before coming into hospital

This will be necessary if you are having a general anaesthetic.  Your admitting letter will have instructions regarding this  but if you are still uncertain what to do, please call Mr Ravenscrofts Secretary.   Chewing gum is not permitted if you have been asked to fast.

2. Whether you have any allergies or known reactions

These should be discussed with a member of the nursing staff on arrival  If you do not know, your GP may be able to advise you.

3. Whether you are currently take any other medication

Please bring any durgs and medicines you are currently taking with you in their original containers with pharmacy labels.  You should hand these to the nurse in charge of your care on arrival.   If you routinely take medication, please check with Mr Ravenscroft before you come into hospital whether it is appropirate to continue to take them.

4. Whether you have any specific dietary requirements

We are able to cater for individual dietary requirements with advance notification.  This includes vegetarian, Kosher and Halal meals.  Please contact the admissions team on 0161 495 7049.

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