Arthroscopic Shoulder SLAP Repair

                                                               SLAP Repair  / Shoulder SLAP Repair


  • To repair the damaged origin of the long head of biceps tendon


Post op

Day 1

In patient

Level 1 Exercises

  • Mastersling with body belt for 3 weeks
  • Finger, wrist and radio ulnar movements
  • Assisted elbow flexion & extension in standing
  • Teach axillary hygiene
  • Teach postural awareness and scapular setting
  • Passive flexion as comfortable to 90 degrees
  • Passive external rotation to neutral (as comfortable)
  • Core stabiliity exercises with sling (as appropriate)

3 Weeks

Level 1-2 Exercises

  • Remove Sling & start physiotherapy
  • Active assisted progressing to active gleno-humeral flexion, abduction, internal and external rotation
  • Scapular stabiliser exercises
  • Assess kinetic chain control and provide exercises as required 
  • Regain scapula & glenohumeral stability working for shoulder joint control rather than range
  • Strengthen rotator cuff muscles
  • Posterior complex stretching
  • Increase proprioception through open & closed chain exercise

6 Weeks

Level 3-4 Exercises

  • Ensure posterior capsule mobility
  • Manual therapy if indicated to eliminate any stiffness
  • Assess biceps function and add in eccentric biceps exercises with scapula control if required





Week 6

Full Active range of elevation

Week 12

Full active range of movement with dynamic scapula stability throughout range (Concentric and eccentric)

See Post-Operative Exercises

Return to functional activities

Return to work            Sedentary job: as tolerated

                                    Manual job:      6-12 weeks*

Driving                        3-6 weeks

Swimming                   Breaststroke:   3 weeks

                                    Freestyle:        6 weeks

Golf                             6 weeks

Lifting                         Light lifting can begin at 3 weeks.  Avoid lifting heavy items for 3 months.

Contact Sport             E.g. Horse riding, rugby, football, martial arts, racquet sports and rock climbing: 6-12 weeks*




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