Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Reverse Shoulder Replacement (Delta3)


  • Severe Cuff arthropathy
  • Salvage procedure for failed Hemiarthroplasties in elderly



In Patient


Day 1

  • Mastersling with body belt fitted in theatre
  • Finger, wrist and elbow movements


Week 1


Level 1 Exercises

  • Body belt removed
  • Handing gripping exercise
  • Pendular exercises
  • Passive flexion, abduction, internal and external rotation
  • Scapular setting and posture correction
  • Discharge when safe, usually 3 days post-op
  • Keep sling for 6 weeks
  • May perform ADL below shoulder level, , such as eating & writing



Out Patient


6 Weeks


Level 2 Exercises

  • Active assisted flexion, abduction, internal and external rotation in supine and progress to sitting position as soon as the patient is able.
  • Progress to active when possible
  • Begin isometric strengthening of all muscle groups


8 Weeks+


Level 3-4 Exercises

  • Encourage active movement into all ranges with some gentle self-stretching at the end of range.
  • Progress isotonic strengthening though range
  • Regularly stretch the joint to the end of its available range



Continue to strengthen for 6-months.

Improvement continues for 18 months to 2 years and the patients should continue exercising until their maximum potential has been reached.


Return to functional activities

Driving                         After 6 weeks

Swimming                   Breaststroke:     6 weeks

                                    Freestyle:          12 weeks

Golf                              3 Months

Lifting  Light lifting can begin at 6 weeks.  Avoid lifting heavy items for 6 months.


Return to work Sedentary job: 6 weeks

                                    Manual job:       Guided by Surgeon




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