Shoulder Injections

We use injections for diagnostic and therepeutic indications.

From the diagnostic part the injection has a local anaesthetic in it which should relieve the pain in your shoulder in about 10-15 mintues.  The steroid can take 3-4 days to work and this gives you the therepeutic effect of pain relief.

We can do the injections during an out patient consultation and then you can rest for 15 minutes until the local anaesthetic has had time to work and then we can review your shoulder to see if the symptoms have changed.  This is the diagnostic part of the injection.

The local anaesthetic can last for about 12-18 hours but the steroid doesn't take its affect for about 3-4 days.  Usually in the first 2-3 days the shoulder can be a little bit more painful until the steroid starts to have its affect.

Common Indications for Shoulder Injections

  • Sub Acromial Impingement - injection into the sub acromial space


  • A C Joint Arthritis - injection direct into the A C joint


  • Frozen Shoulder - injection into the main gleno humeral joint (main ball and socket joint of the shoulder)

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