Reverse Shoulder Replacement

 Reverse Shoulder Replacements are performed for people who have got generally an arthritic shoulder or whose rotator cuff is absent.  The rotator cuff is sleeve of muscles which hold the ball and socket joint in its place.  If this is absent then the ball escapes from the socket.  This is why a convential shoulder replacement is not possible for this condition.

We use a reverse shoulder replacement which makes the joint more stable and increased the function of the shoulder.  It is a called a reverse shoulder replacement because we essentially swap the ball and socket joint round; so we make the socket into a ball and the ball into a socket. 

The surgery is done under General Anaesthetic often with a local anaesthetic block to the nerves that supply the pain to the shoulder.  The Anaesthetic Block is done by the Anaesthetist under Ultrasound Guidance.  This is a very good way of helping your pain in the post-operative period.

The operation usually takes 2 hours to perform and the average stage in hospital is 2-3 days.

The physiotherapists will see you on the ward and start you with a gentle exercise programme to get the shoulder moving. 

Average return to driving is about 6 weeks.  You will be reviewed at 3 weeks and 3 months following your surgery.  On average people report an 85% return to functional activity.  It can take up to 1 year to feel the full  benefit.

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