Arthroscopic Stabilisation

Following a shoulder dislocation often the labrum which is the wing of cartilage which makes the socket deeper has torn off at the front of the shoulder.  There is therefore no bumper to stop the shoulder dislocating.  The aim of the surgery is to fix back the bumper back onto the socket to make the shoulder stable again. 

This is done arthroscopically (keyhole surgery).  You will have a small incision at the back of the shoulder and one incision at the front of the shoulder.  Usually 3 anchors are used to fix the torn anterior labrum back onto the socket.

The operation is done under General Anaesthetic and takes about 20-30 minutes in theatre.  It is done as a day case procedure so you can go home the day of the surgery in a sling.  The sling is worn for about 3 weeks but during that time you can rotate your arm out and forward as directed by the Physiotherapists.

You can return to driving at about 6 weeks.  Return to contact sports at about 3 months.

You will be reviewed a 3 weeks post surgery and 3 months post surgery.  At the 3 month mark on average people report an 85% return to functional activity but it can take 6-9 months to feel the full benefit.

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